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Legendary Photobooth is fun and easy – press a button, strike a few poses, and take away an instant picture – the perfect fully-customized keepsake from your event.

We offer an all-inclusive service with a photobooth design that is unlike the conventional. The unique, sophisticated setup brings a modern touch to the traditional photo booth experience, and lets you and your guests be spontaneous in front of the camera.

Legendary Photobooth is an open-concept photobooth allowing for the most flexibility to meet our client’s needs. Our photobooth, along with a curtain backdrop and lighting equipment can fit into most spaces, which means that it can be setup to fit as many people as you want (only limited by the actual available space in the venue).  Simply, Legendary Photobooth is very adaptable and your guests don’t need to cram into a small space, but the pictures taken are still intimate and fun!

Our photobooths are custom designed and built by hand locally here in Vancouver.  Our photbooths are constructed from high quality Plexiglass to give a sophisticated feel, and is perfect to match any event decor.


Technical Details:

  • The heart of the photobooth is a custom software package that allows great flexibility and control of the look, feel and operation of the photobooth.
  • The optics of the photobooth is a Canon EOS Rebel Digital SLR camera.
  • The brains of the photobooth is a powerful and lightning fast Acer laptop.
  • The lighting of the photobooth is by 4 – 60watt compact fluorescent lights with a comparable output of 750 watts of incandescent lighting.
  • The display of the photobooth is a 22″ LCD touchscreen that allows for custom logos, layouts and instructions.  By having this screen in the photobooth it allows users to know when the next picture will be taken and show the previous picture, all at the convenience of touch navigation.
  • Event guests will be able to enter their email at the end of each photobooth session so that a high quality image is sent directly to them.
  • The photo printer is a lightning fast industrial grade printer that is capable of printing photos in a matter of a few seconds.
  • The photo paper we use is of the highest grade and the template border can be customized with any design our customers desire.
  • All these features combined make for the best photobooth experience in town.

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